Waukegan Priorities

Making Waukegan Better

We have a solid long-term plan that will benefit the entire city, instead of just a select few. We are eager to join with concerned citizens, business owners and political leaders to make Waukegan one of the best places in Illinois for generations to come.


Good jobs foster healthy families and solid communities. Our revitalization plan will bring much needed employment to Waukegan. Our administration will work closely with potential new businesses to ensure that local hiring is their emphasis. Preference and particular attention will be given to businesses with a strong track record of hiring and treating their employees with fairness.

Safety & Justice

We have the utmost respect for our first responders. They take frequent risks and work diligently to keep our community safe. Our administration will work hard to ensure they have the resources they need. We will also work just as diligently to ensure that our law enforcement community has the necessary training to accomplish their responsibilites while maintaining individual rights and acting with sensitivity.

Action Center